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DI Andy Horton's on the hunt for a missing man during Cowes Week

Death Surge - DI Andy Horton crime novelDEATH SURGE is set during the International sailing regatta of Cowes Week which should have been running in 2020 from 8th - 15th August but because of Covid-19 it, like every other event in the UK, was cancelled.  In 2021  though Cowes Week is running from 31 July 2021 to 7 August 2021 so why not go there with DI Andy Horton in DEATH SURGE!

Over the years Cowes Week has attracted British and foreign royalty, and many famous faces- including Inspector Andy Horton.

DEATH SURGE opens with Andy Horton sailing off the Isle of Wight. He’s trying to find inner peace after a gruelling investigation (UNDERCURRENT, which is also set in August) and which has left him questioning his desire to remain in the job. His ongoing conflict with his nit-picking, control-freak, Alpha female boss DCI Lorraine Bliss doesn’t help matters either. He’s also seeking to escape the mental torment that is being caused by the startling revelations from his own private investigations into the disappearance of his mother when he was ten, just over thirty years ago.

A call from Sergeant Barney Cantelli, his colleague in CID, puts paid to all that. Cantelli’s nephew, Johnnie Oslow, was due to join a crew for the yacht racing at Cowes. When Johnnie doesn’t show and nobody has heard from him Cantelli, frantic with worry, brings Horton back to Cowes on the Isle of Wight to kick-start investigations.

The inspiration behind Death Surge

The idea behind DEATH SURGE came like all my novels in the series featuring the flawed and rugged DI Andy Horton, from the location.

Hilsea Lines Tunnel - Death Surge DI Andy Horton crime novelThis time the charred remains of a young man are found in the old ruins of the Hilsea Lines in Portsmouth, an ancient monument, which has become a popular walking spot and which including woodland, meadows and fresh brackish lakes. Is the body that of Cantelli's nephew, Johnnie? Horton sincerely hopes not but is rather afraid it could be.

"As Horton made for the north of the city he mentally ran through what he knew of the bastions that formed Hilsea Lines. There were several of them, originally built to protect the north of the island from attack in 1544. Since then they had been rebuilt, some time in the 1700s, he thought, and again, he seemed to recall, in 1871 with the renewed threat of a French invasion, which had never happened. They had belonged to the army, providing barracks, ammunition stores and a series of tunnels beneath the earth mounds, before becoming derelict and overgrown with grass, shrubs and trees. But some years ago (he forgot when), the Hilsea Lines had been designated a conservation area with a series of nature trails around the moat and the creek which made Portsmouth an island; or rather it would have done, but for the two road bridges over it and the motorway on the western shores. Was it Johnnie, Sergeant Cantelli's nephew, he thought fearfully.”

"A crisply written, cleverly plotted procedural with a nice twist, Rowson’s latest also continues the intriguing saga of Andy’s search for the mother who disappeared in mysterious circumstances when he was a child." Booklist.

Death Surge is available in paperback, on Amazon Kindle, on Kobo and as an ebook, also as an unabridged audio book narrated by Gordon Griffin and published by Soundings.


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AUGUST 2ND, 2021 @ 6:19:25 BST

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