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It's October and DI Andy Horton is investigating in the SHROUD OF EVILroud of Evil

Shroud of Evil a DI Andy Horton Mystery by Pauline Rowson

DI Andy Horton is assigned the case of a missing person: Jasper Kenton, aprivate investigator.   Horton suspects thedisappearance has a mundane explanation, that Kenton has gone off with a woman or absconded with his clients' fees but when Kenton’s car turns up,and a shocking discovery is made, things turn serious.

"A compelling protagonist and mounting suspense make the book hard to put down." Publishers Weekly

SHROUD OF EVIL is about secrets, lies, exploitation and murder.  Secrets can be kept for years, as they have been by those involved in the murder investigation in SHROUD OF EVIL  but it is one person’s determination to expose a secret and exploit it for his own gain that rips apart the fabric of many lives.  Once a secret is exposed nothing is ever the same again. 

Hortonfinds himself embroiled in an investigation that has major personalramifications, and one in which he has no choice but to withhold vitalinformation. As he struggles to crack the case, he knows it is only a questionof time before someone discovers he’s kept silent, and when that’s revealed,his part in hindering a major investigation could end his career .

Here is what some reviews have said about DI Andy Horton police procedural, SHROUD OF EVIL

"A great read for mystery lovers with plenty to keep you guessing until the last moment." Crime Book Club

"I was gripped until the last page of this very well structured and plotted story. This was the best book of hers that I have read so far. Very enjoyable and recommended." Eurocrime

"Yet another brilliant installment in a thoroughly enjoyable, original crime series by a talented British author. Full of twists and turns, colourful characters and hints of disharmony and mistrust between colleagues in the police force."Amazon

"A traditional whodunit with modern twists and realistic procedural content, and unlike most of today's authors, she doesn’t flood each chapter with unnecessary violence." Amazon

The DI Andy Horton crime novels in order

Tide of Death (1)
Deadly Waters (2)
The Suffocating Sea (3)
Dead Man's Wharf (4)
Blood on the Sand (5)
Footsteps on the Shore (6)
A Killing Coast (7)
Death Lies Beneath (8)
Undercurrent (9)
Death Surge (10)
Shroud of Evil (11)
Fatal Catch (12)
Lethal Waves (13)
Dead Passage (14)

OCTOBER 12TH, 2021 @ 6:54:15 BST

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