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A likeable, smart, tough but all too human hero Art Marvik, mystery thrillers

Art Marvik Mystery Thrillers by Pauline Rowson

Marvik is an action-man, fearless and fit and yet with a deep-seated vulnerability finding it difficult to adjust to life outside the Royal Marines, Special Boat Services.  He thought he’d be able to carve out a new career for himself, preferably on the sea, but his first job as a private maritime security operative goes very wrong when the luxury motor cruiser he was on gets attacked by pirates in the Indian Ocean. Marvik finds himself with a bullet in his shoulder and the boat’s owner dead. He’d failed on his first mission in civilian life, and SILENT RUNNING (1) opens with him reeling from it.

Marvik has isolated himself in a remote cottage on the Isle of Wight uncertain of the future for the first time in his life. That is about to change when a former marine colleague, cyber security expert and amputee, Shaun Strathen enlists Marvik's help to find a missing research scientist and Marvik's former girlfriend goes missing  after telling him a disturbing story about an innocent man's conviction for murder fifteen years ago.

Soon Marvik is recruited to work undercover for the UK's Police National Intelligence Squad by Chief Superintendent Crowder which takes Marvik into dangerous and deadly waters as he seeks to find lethal killers whose crimes are steeped in the past.

In his second mission in DANGEROUS CARGO Marvik has to unravel the truth behind a fifty year old mystery but as he unravels its dark and dangerous secrets someone is determined to stop him.

But Marvik is back in LOST VOYAGE his mission to stop a ruthless assassin who is determined that the secret of the Mary Jo's last voyage never be exposed.

In DEAD SEA, things are about to get a lot more personal for Marvik.  Aided by his former Royal Marine colleague, Shaun Strathen, Marvik is on the hunt for a stolen computer disk that holds the key to the secret of his parents deaths in an underwater explosion in the Straits of Malacca in 1997.

JANUARY 14TH, 2022 @ 6:30:31 GMT

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