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FAQ-Why do you always write from the male point of view?

When an author first starts writing much of it is trial and error until he/she finds what suits them best.  And so it was with me.  My early unpublished attempts were at writing historical sagas, switching the story between a female lead character and a male lead character.  When these failed to find a publisher and when I suddenly woke up to the fact that all my sagas contained a crime element I abandoned sagas and wrote a suspense novel primarily with a female lead.  This got me an agent  (so I was at last on the right track) but failed to find me a publisher. The agent very quickly dropped me.  So back to the drawing board.

I realized that I enjoyed writing more from the male character's view point than I did the female.  I'm not sure why. Many people have asked me and the answer is I don’t really know, maybe it’s because I like male heroes. I don't think it matters, it just happens to be my style! That being said there are, of course, some very strong females in my novels.

As I continued I found myself far more attracted to telling the story from the male character's point of view.

The Portsmouth Murders a DI Andy Horton Solent Murder Mystery by Pauline RowsonWhen I created the flawed and rugged detective, DI Andy Horton, in the first of the Horton series, Tide of Death which has been re-published by Joffe Books as THE PORTSMOUTH MURDERS, I knew then that I had found my ‘voice’.  Andy was my hero albeit a flawed one but everything began to fall into place. I fell in love with him instantly and wanted to tell the story from his tumultuous point of view.

After writing that first DI Andy Horton crime novel I turned my hand to writing two standalone thrillers:  IN COLD DAYLIGHT and IN FOR THE KILL and  I decided once again to feature male leads in each, Adam Greene in the first and Alex Albury in the latter and this time I wrote them in the first person which has the affect of making them faster-paced.

When DI Andy Horton got picked up by a publisher I knew I had found my 'voice' as they call it in the business. All the DI Andy Horton crime novels and indeed my other crime novels, the Inspector Ryga mysteries (3) and the Art Marvik mystery thrillers are all written from the male point of view, that is they all have a strong male protagonist.

I love writing crime novels and I love all my male characters.  There will be more in the DI Andy Horton Solent Murder Mysteries and more 1950s set Inspector Ryga mysteries to come.  I'm not sure about Art Marvik yet and I may create a new lead character, and yes it will be male!

I hope you enjoy reading my crime novels and I am always happy to have your feedback.

If you have enjoyed my crime novels please do leave a review or rating on Amazon, Goodreads, or the relevant book website.

Thank you.


JULY 8TH, 2022 @ 6:27:30 BST

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