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Assertiveness and Motivational Books by Pauline Rowson

Being Positive and Staying Positive (even when the going gets tough)   

Being Positive and Staying Positive-Pauline RowsonAuthor: Pauline Rowson
Published: 2002.
Revised 2007
ISBN 978 0954804565
Pages: 156 

Having a positive attitude has many benefits not least of which is better health. But the pace of life today is such that we are all subjected to more negative stresses and strains and sometimes feel we can no longer cope. So how do we maintain a positive attitude when the going gets tough? This book will help you examine what creates negativity and provides tips and techniques to convert that negative energy into positive energy. It looks at using the power of the brain and inner dialogue to change the way you think and therefore react. It will help you to examine your life/work balance and provide you with a greater understanding of yourself. 

Also availaible as an e book and audio book

Communicating With More Confidence     

Communicating with more Confidence-Pauline RowsonCommunicating effectively should be the simplest thing in the world, we talk and listen - or do we? And is that all there is to it? When things go wrong in a company, a friendship, a personal relationship, communication or rather lack of it or misinterpreting it, is often at the heart of the problem. Improving your communication skills can bring huge rewards.

This book covers: how to read, interpret and use body language; how to create the right visual appearance; how to use your voice - tone, accent, pitch, pace etc.; how to use powerful and persuasive words; how to get people to like you; how to influence people to your way of thinking; how to persuade people to co-operate with you; how to hear, recognise and use the different communication styles between men and women.  

Available as an e book and audio book

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Pauline Rowson's books are available in a number of formats including audio books and e books from all major retailers, independent bookshops and on line. Also available on Kindle, Kobo and Nook.

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