In December's newsletter there is plenty to read and watch! A short video looking back at my crime novels in 2020; the setting for Inspector Ryga mystery DEATH IN THE HARBOUR; a video of me talking about his background, and you can step on the steam train with Ryga on his way to Newhaven with an extract of the audio book put to video, also see the narrator's character notes and pictures of the woman in the fur coat and hats!

And, of course, we mustn't forget DI Andy Horton! Don't worry he'll be back, all I have to do is crack on writing number 16 in the series. Meanwhile, if you haven't already read it or you missed the publication amidst all the pandemic upheaval then A DEADLY WAKE was published in June 2020 and is available in paperback, ebook and on Amazon Kindle.

Happy reading.

The setting for Ryga Mystery 2 DEATH IN THE HARBOUR

Death in the Harbour by Pauline RowsonDEATH IN THE HARBOUR, the second in the Inspector Ryga 1950s set mystery series, is set in the port of Newhaven on the East Sussex coast.

Newhaven lies at the mouth of the River Ouse between Brighton to the west (nine miles) and the stunning Severn Sister Cliffs to the East (ten miles). It is a busy port with regular cross channel ferry sailings to Dieppe (France); a fishing fleet and leisure craft but since the time when my crime novel is set in December 1950 its cargo and steamer trade has declined. The town has also changed considerably, not to mention the pace and way of life

Read more about the setting for DEATH IN THE HARBOUR and see the photographs of Newhaven in the 1950s

Riveting reads in 2020, mysteries, crime fiction, thrillers

A look back at my crime mystery thriller novels published in 2020

Video - about Inspector Ryga

In this video I'm talking about my 1950s fictional sleuth, Scotland Yard detective, Inspector Ryga , who is sent out to investigate baffling coastal crimes in Death in the Cove and Death in the Harbour. All my fast-paced crime novels (22) are set against the back drop of the sea in England.

Step on the Steam Train with Inspector Ryga

I've put together a video from the audio book of DEATH IN THE HARBOUR, narrated by the actor Jonathan Rhodes and produced by B7 Media.  The short extract is the beginning of Chapter 3 - it's Friday 8 December 1950.  I hope you enjoy it

The narrator's audio script character notes for DEATH IN THE HARBOUR

Death in the Harbour by Pauline Rowson, narrator's audio scriptThis is a fascinating insight of the narrator's audio script character summaries for recording the audio book of my Inspector Ryga 1950 set mystery (2) DEATH IN THE HARBOUR just released in paperback, as an ebook on Amazon Kindle and as an audio book. Narrated by the very talented actor, Jonathan Rhodes and produced by B7 Media.

See how he sums up in one or two words the various characters in the novel.

Here's a sample Joseph Moore - Steptoe; Leemings -Sour; Dewsnap - keen rabbit!

Read more

Who is the woman in the fur coat (and hats) in DEATH IN THE HARBOUR?

Death in the Harbour Inspector Ryga mystery 2 by Pauline RowsonRead 1950s set DEATH IN THE HARBOUR Inspector Ryga Mystery (2) to find out. No, I’m not going to say more because I don’t wish to spoil the story for you but here’s a little extract below.

It’s a cold foggy December day in 1950 and Scotland Yard detective, Inspector Ryga is sent to the coastal town of Newhaven to unravel the mystery of why an ordinary police constable was murdered and his wife has gone missing.

What makes a strong central character in a crime novel?

Some DI Andy Horton crime novels by Pauline RowsonInspector Andy Horton has been described as 'an especially good series hero, a likeable fellow with plenty of street smarts and the requisite personal baggage - an abrasive supervisor (DCI Lorraine Bliss) and an antagonistic soon to be ex wife.' Booklist (USA) Footsteps on the Shore.

Heroes in crime novels are often ordinary people with their own set of problems and the key to producing a successful crime novel is not necessarily that the hero saves the world, aka James Bond, but that he also learns something about himself along the way. Putting ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances builds tension and readers tend to support characters in which they recognise certain traits they have themselves.

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Location, location - a sea setting a must for a juicy crime novel

Sailing out of Portsmouth HarbourWe all know that location is an important factor when choosing where to live, it is also equally important in choosing the setting for a crime novel. There are many great settings for crime novels in the UK from gritty Glasgow to captivating Cornwall and of course the wonderful diversity of settings in countries around the World. There is also the fictional setting.

For me the setting has to be by and around the sea.It is my trademark or brand if you prefer and features in all my crime novels. I was brought up in the coastal city of Portsmouth and I believe that once the sea is in your blood it never leaves you.

Read more

Happy Birthday to DI Andy Horton in A DEADLY WAKE

DI Andy Horton in A DEADLY WAKEThat's a point when is Andy's birthday?  Have I ever mentioned it?  Wonder what star sign he is?  Maybe I might weave this in to a future novel.

Inspector Andy Horton returns to his desk in Portsmouth CID after a tedious computer course in London to find there has been a series of highway robberies in his absence and an arson attack at the sailing club where the Chief Constable keeps his boat. What’s more the Chief’s boat is one of three that have been set alight and he’s demanding action. But when the fingerprint bureau phone Horton to tell him the prints of an unknown man found dead in a log cabin in a secluded bay on the Isle of Wight match those of someone he met six months previously, Horton’s priorities are clear. He travels to the island to identify the body but what greets him is totally unexpected. As he follows the trail of the dead man, he uncovers some startling revelations into his own mother’s past and the truth behind her disappearance over thirty years ago.

A DEADLY WAKE is available in paperback, Amazon Kindle, Kobo, Apple and Google books.

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