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Frequently Asked Questions and Articles

QUESTION: When will all the DI Andy Horton Solent Murder Mysteries be available?

All fifteen of the DI Andy Horton crime novels (15) are being published on Kindle and in paperback this year by Joffe Books and they will all be available by the end of the year.

FAQ:Why have you changed some of the location names in the DI Andy Horton Solent Murder Mystery novels when you set them in a real location?

Read the answer here.

FAQ- What authors and books have inspired you? And do you read your contempories novels?

I loved adventure and mystery novels when I was a child and a teenager and this love of crime fiction, thrillers and mystery novels has continued throughout my adulthood. In my teens I enjoyed the novels of Leslie Charteris featuring Simon Templar, The Saint, and those written by John Creasey featuring The Baron and Gideon to name only two of his characters. Creasey was a very prolific writer and also the author of Westerns which I went through a phase of reading, including those penned by Zane Grey, an author who locked together character and land so that they were indivisible something that perhaps also took root with me, locking my characters, DI Andy Horton; Art Marvik and Inspector Ryga in with the sea and the sea with my characters.

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Pauline Rowson's gripping, entertaining crime novels full of twists and turns

Pauline Rowson's crime novels
If you enjoy reading gripping, fast-paced crime novels full of twists and turns, compelling and multi-layered with great characters and stories that keep you guessing right to the end then Pauline Rowson's crime novels are right up your street. 

Set against the back drop of the ever changing sea on the South Coast of England. 

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