What's on in 2021? The words 'who knows!'spring to mind. After 2020 no one can predict what the forthcoming year will bring, we hope and pray that it will be better than 2020. For me 2021 will be filled with writing. I'm delighted to say that two of my crime novels will be published - the Art Marvik mystery thriller 4, DEAD SEA in March 2021 and the third 1950 set Inspector Ryga mystery DEATH IN THE NETS in Autumn 2021 so something for my readers to look forward to. And for DI Andy Horton fans there will be another. I am currently writing number 16 in the series and that will be completed in 2021 and published early 2022 (God willing!). Lots more news and articles in January's newsletter below.

Wishing you a happy and healthy New Year.

New Year Honour for crime author Pauline Rowson

Portsmouth Literary Map, Pauline RowsonNo, I haven't been given a Damehood, but I am honoured, and delighted to be featured on the Portsmouth Literary Map, designed and compiled by Dr Mark Frost, of the English Department at the University of Portsmouth.

I'm honoured because I am in such great company of both past and present writers all with connections to the vibrant coastal City of Portsmouth, UK. The illustrious company of past literary connections include Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, H G Wells, Charles Dickens, Nevile Shute, James Riordan and Rudyard Kipling. Living literary figures include me, my fellow crime author, Graham Hurley, Neil Gaiman, and Michelle Magorian.

The map pinpoints the locations of all the DI Andy Horton crime novels along with extracts from each of the DI Andy Horton books (15). It also gives you the locations of where I was raised, went to school and worked!

Although it was a childhood ambition of mine to become a published author I never dreamed that one day many people across the world would read and enjoy my crime mystery novels and that I would feature alongside such illustrious writers. My thanks to all my readers and supporters and to Portsmouth University for including me in this wonderful roll of honour.

Visit the Portsmouth Literary Map

It's January and DI Andy Horton is on three investigations (but not all at the same time!)

Three of my DI Andy Horton crime novels, DEAD MAN'S WHARF, BLOOD ON THE SAND and LETHAL WAVES are set during the month of January, so what  better time to talk about them!

Here is a taste of what's in store for DI Andy Horton in each of them.

The inspiration behind Dead Man's Wharf

Dead Man's Wharf, a DI Andy Horton crime novelIt’s difficult to explain where all the threads of this crime novel came from (or indeed any of my crime novels come to that) but I start with an idea, usually a location – the wharf in this instance – and begin to ask myself questions: how does it feature in this crime novel? Is a body found there? If so whose? How did it get there? Why was he/she killed? What other pressing cases does Horton have to investigate? Are they linked or are they separate?

Then there is the matter of Horton’s personal and professional life. Horton is still reeling from the startling discovery (The Suffocating Sea #3) that the disappearance of his mother, Jennifer, thirty years ago was not as he thought, a single mother abandoning her child because she didn’t want a kid in tow, but could be linked to an international criminal. (If you've read A DEADLY WAKE no. 15 you'll know the truth!)

DEAD MAN'S WHARF like my other crime novels is multi-layered and soon Horton is drawn into a complex investigation that holds danger for him and Cantelli.

Read about the inspiration behind DEAD MAN'S WHARF

The inspiration behind BLOOD ON THE SAND

Blood on the Sand, Inspector Andy HortonBLOOD ON THE SAND ( no. 5 in the DI Horton series) opens on a cold grey January morning in Bembridge Marina on the Isle of Wight, where Andy Horton has decided to put in on his small yacht. It's hardly the sailing season but after a difficult Christmas - his first spent apart from his young daughter, Emma - and following some tough criminal investigations, Horton, has decided to take a few days break. He also needs time to think through the startling revelations he's uncovered about his mother's disappearance thirty years ago.

But he barely gets the time to do so when walking across the abandoned golf course on the Duver near Bembridge Marina he finds himself facing a distraught young woman with a gun in her hand leaning over a corpse in one of the discarded bunkers.

The inspiration behind LETHAL WAVES

Lethal Waves, A DI Andy Horton mystery by Pauline RowsonThe inspiration for LETHAL WAVES (13) came from seeing one of the regular ferry services sail from Portsmouth into the Solent and out around the Isle of Wight on its way to the Channel Islands, the Condor Commodore Clipper Ferry.

I started with the idea of a body on that ferry, that of a woman who is found dead in her locked cabin when the ferry docks at Guernsey in the Channel Islands. Of course I asked Condor for their permission to allow me to have a fictitious body on their ferry and was delighted when they agreed and even more so when they offered to give me free reign of the boat and the opportunity to question their staff in aid of my research.

Read about the inspiration behind Lethal Waves

And talking about inspiration here's a video from a talk I gave some time ago at Sandhurst Library - from inspiration and ideas to plot lines

This is one of my most watched videos on my You Tube Channel.  In this extract I am talking about the inspiration behind my DI Andy Horton crime novels set against the ever changing backdrop of the sea in Portsmouth and the Isle of Wight  and how I develop ideas into plot lines.

I hope you enjoy watching the video 

Are characters more important than plot? What come first?

Pauline Rowson plotting her crime novelsl The prescribed wisdom states that novels are either plot driven or character driven. What, you may ask is the difference? And it's a very good question. Essentially character driven novels centre around the protagonist's journey, his or her internal thoughts, the experiences he/she undergoes, the choices he/she makes which ultimately drive and affect the plot. Whereas plot driven novels focus on yes, you've guessed it, the plot. Here the protagonist takes a particular action which drives the plot and there are plot twists and turns as a result, action and conflicts which in turn drive the plot to its outcome. If that sounds rather confusing then don't worry, you are not alone. For me the distinction between the two is rather blurred although essentially critics and reviewers will say that my novels are plot driven and I agree to an extent. But the two  aspects - character and plot - are invariably interlinked.

I know many people are missing their social gatherings and I am missing giving talks to groups and entertaining the lovely audiences. There are no talks for me booked so far this year, 2021, although I have been asked if I might be available to speak later in 2021 and I would be delighted to do so. Can't wait in fact. I am sincerely hoping that we can soon resume these events. If you would like to enquire about me giving a talk in 2021 and 2022 then please do get in touch.

Watch the new video on my website

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