My July newsletter features lots of news on forthcoming publications, some new and some re-releases. DEATH IN THE HARBOUR, Inspector Ryga number 2 is to be published in paperback, e book and audio book in November and is now available for pre-order.  We're also delighted to announce the re-release of the Marvik mystery thrillers and DI Andy Horton 13, LETHAL WAVES.

With public gatherings still banned in the UK because of Covid-19 I'm taking the opportunity on my website to look back at past talks.  Here's hoping my talks will resume in 2021.  Also in this newsletter a link to the prologue of the latest DI Andy Horton, A DEADLY WAKE and what it takes to write a novel.

Happy reading.

Inspector Ryga to return in second 1950 set mystery

Death in the Harbour, Inspector Ryga Mystery (2) is to be published on 2 November 2020

Death in the Harbour an Inspector Ryga mystery by Pauline Rowson
DEATH IN THE HARBOUR is the second in the atmospheric 1950 set mystery series featuring the thoughtful reflective Scotland Yard detective, Inspector Alun Ryga. It is to be published in paperback, e book, audio book and on Amazon Kindle on 2 November 2020. It is now available to pre-order.

In DEATH IN THE HARBOUR Scotland Yard's Inspector Alun Ryga is sent to Newhaven, East Sussex to unravel the mystery of why an ordinary police constable was murdered and his wife has gone missing.

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Fast-paced, action-packed Art Marvik mystery thrillers to be re-issued

Art Marvik Mystery Thrillers by Pauline RowsonWe're delighted to announce that the three fast-paced, action-packed Art Marvik mystery thrillers by Pauline Rowson, SILENT RUNNING, DANGEROUS CARGO and LOST VOYAGE are being re-published in paperback and as ebooks, on Amazon Kindle, and Kobo on 14 September 2020.

After leaving the Marines, Art Marvik, a former Special Boat Services Officer with the Commandos goes undercover to work for the UK's National Intelligence Marine Squad. His three missions with the squad take him into dangerous and deadly waters as he seeks to find lethal killers whose crimes are steeped in the past.

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Read the prologue of DI Andy Horton A Deadly Wake

A Deadly Wake a DI Andy Horton MysteryThe truth behind DI Andy Horton's mother's disappearance when he was ten years old is revealed in A DEADLY WAKE number 15 in the series published in paperback, as an ebook on Amazon Kindle, Kobo, Apple Books and Google Books.

The thread of DI Andy Horton's quest for the truth about Jennifer is weaved into each of the Horton crime novels while at the same time Horton has a new crime to investigate. Each novel therefore stands alone and the books don't have to be read in sequence although some readers prefer to do so.

DI Andy Horton’s investigations into the disappearance of his mother, Jennifer, over thirty years ago, has been touched upon in many of the Horton novels, in which he has unearthed some startling revelations. In this, the fifteenth in the Horton series, there are more surprises to come. In order to help the reader quickly catch up on the mystery of Jennifer’s disappearance, and to accompany Horton on his final journey in his quest to get to the truth, I have included a prologue.  I have also included a cast of characaters who are connected, in some way, with the Jennifer Horton mystery.

Published in paperback, as an ebook, and on Amazon Kindle

DI Andy Horton Lethal Waves to be re-issued in paperback, ebook and Kindle

I'm delighted to announce that DI Andy Horton mystery number thirteen, LETHAL WAVES, is being re-issued in paperback, as an e book and on Amazon Kindle on 3 August 2020 and is available to pre-order.

On his return from Guernsey, Horton is called out to investigate the death of a vagrant whose body is found under a rotting houseboat on the shores of Portsmouth.

Publishers Weekly says, "Nothing in this police procedural is as it first appears. The Harley Davidson-riding, boat-dwelling Horton is a fascinating man to get to know, and his thoughtful approach to detection is a pleasure to read."

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Watch the video book trailer - Lethal Waves, DI Andy Horton 13

Writing crime fiction - what does it take to write a crime novel?

Pauline RowsonMany articles on how to write a crime novel or mystery novel focus on the technicalities but few examine the emotional roller coaster that a writer will experience in the crafting of a novel. Each stage of writing a crime novel brings with it a range of different emotions. These range from excitement and frustration, to relief, doubt and fear, plus a whole lot in between. So if you experience any of these while plotting and writing your novel you are not alone!

Read more on what it takes to write a novel

Here's a vidoe of a talk I gave at Monks Brook U3A

As there are no talks planned for June, or indeed the rest of the year (2020) because of you know what (Covid 19) I'm featuring some of  my talks which were recorded earlier.  This video was taken at a talk I gave to members of  Monks Brook U3A in 2014 on choosing titles and point of view.

There are plenty of up to date videos to watch and keep you amused on my You Tube Channel

A trip down memory lane at Southampton Probus Club

Those were the days!  A trip down memory lane with another of my talks from the balmy days of June 2018 long before the evil Coronavirus raised its ugly head and put paid to such lovely events. Hopefully they will return in the not too distant future.

Southampton Probus crime author Pauline Rowson entertains the audienceMembers of Southampton East Probus were entertained by internationally acclaimed crime author Pauline Rowson on Wednesday 20 June 2018 when she talked about the secrets of successful crime writing and about her crime novels set on the South Coast of England.

A blast from the past - murder, mystery and mayhem at Totton Library

And here is a write up of one of my talks from the balmy days of June 2019.
Pauline Rowson at Totton Library June 2019Crime author, Pauline Rowson entertained the small but perfectly formed and excited audience at Totton Library, Southampton on 20 June with tales of murder, mystery and mayhem. She talked about how she writes her crime novels and her crime busting fictional heroes, the flawed and rugged DI Andy Horton, (14) her undercover investigator, Art Marvik a former Royal Marine Commando (3); her two standalone thrillers and her new 1950 detective, Inspector Alun Ryga who sees his debut investigation in September 2019 with a baffling crime on Portland Island, Dorset.

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