It's here at last the crime novel DI Andy Horton fans have been waiting for!

June kicks off with the publication of the crime novel I know many DI Andy Horton fans have been waiting for  A DEADLY WAKE, which reveals the truth behind the disappearance of  Andy's mother Jennifer, when he was a child. A DEADLY WAKE is now published in paperback, e book, Kindle and Kobo. 

As there are no talks planned for June, or indeed the rest of the year, because of you know what, I thought I would feature some of my past talks on my website. One of my most popular videos is the one recorded at Sandhurst Library - from inspiration and ideas to plot lines. Also in this month's newsletter LETHAL WAVES to be re-issued; the inspiration behind A KILLING COAST; how to be a successful author and writing routines.

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A Deadly Wake,  number 15 in the DI Andy Horton series, now published

A DEADLY WAKE by Pauline Rowson a DI Andy Horton MysteryYes, the crime novel everyone has been waiting for - well DI Andy Horton fans have - A DEADLY WAKE, which reveals the truth behind the disappearance of Andy's mother Jennifer, when he was a child. A DEADLY WAKE is published in paperback, e book, Kindle and Kobo (2 June 2020).

As DI Andy Horton follows the trail of a man found dead in a log cabin on the Isle of Wight, he uncovers some startling revelations into his own mother’s past and the truth behind her disappearance over thirty years ago.

DI Andy Horton Lethal Waves to be re-issued in paperback, ebook and Kindle

DI Andy Horton mystery number thirteen, LETHAL WAVES, is being re-issued in paperback, as an e book and on Amazon Kindle on 3 August 2020 and is available to pre-order.

On his return from Guernsey, Horton is called out to investigate the death of a vagrant whose body is found under a rotting houseboat on the shores of Portsmouth.

Publishers Weekly says, "Nothing in this police procedural is as it first appears. The Harley Davidson-riding, boat-dwelling Horton is a fascinating man to get to know, and his thoughtful approach to detection is a pleasure to read."

Pre-order a copy of LETHAL WAVES

How to be a successful author

Pauline RowsonHow did you learn to write a novel? Did you attend any creative writing courses? What makes a successful author? These are questions that I am often asked and while there are no hard and fast answers there are some things that contribute to becoming a successful author.

Writing courses and seminars can be both instructional and motivational. The lecturers (often authors themselves) can pass on some useful tips and can assist with the technicalities of constructing characters and plot.  They can give advice on how to write dialogue and pass on the tricks of the trade as well as provide guidance on publishing. Often such talks can be inspirational and motivational.  For me, while I didn't attend any creative writing courses I did go to seminars given by authors, which I found helpful.

The only way to 'learn how to write' is to write, and also to read.  Reading helps you to understand what shapes novels.

Read my take on becoming a successful author

Murder methods - with DI Andy Horton in SHROUD OF EVIL

Shroud of Evil a DI Andy Horton MysteryThankfully traumatic injuries and deaths caused by crossbows are a rarity. But it was a means of murder I have used in Inspector Andy Horton crime novel, SHROUD OF EVIL, number eleven in the series.

SHROUD OF EVIL is available in paperback, ebook, Kindle, Kobo and Apple books as well as an audio book.

In SHROUD OF EVIL, DI Andy Horton is assigned the case of a missing person: Jasper Kenton, a  private investigator.  Irritated at being assigned such a low-ranking investigation, Horton suspects the disappearance has a mundane explanation but when Kenton’s car turns up, and a shocking discovery is made, things turn serious.

I'm not saying who is murdered by a crossbow and hope I haven't spoiled it for you, I'll say no more about the novel, but here is what I uncovered from my research into crossbow shooting and pathology.

Read more

On location with DI Andy Horton in A KILLING COAST

A Killing Coast, Inspector Andy Horton, by Pauline Rowson DI Andy Horton number seven, A KILLING COAST is available in paperback,  as an e book on Amazon Kindle, Kobo, Apple and Google books.

'Multi-layered, twisted, and complex...a surprising conclusion and a satisfying read.' Booklist

When a body is found floating in the sea off Portsmouth harbour, Detective Inspector Horton initially judges it to be an accidental death. Soon though, to his dismay, he discovers he’s got it very wrong. Accused of being incompetent by his boss, and with the head of the Major Crime Team coming down heavily on him, Horton wonders if he’s allowed his ongoing investigation into the disappearance of his mother over thirty years ago to cloud his judgement. With no clear motive for the murder, Horton is sucked into a baffling investigation that he is determined to resolve despite the odds. Not only does he need to find a brutal killer, but Horton now has to prove to himself, and others, that he is still up to the job.

How many hours a day should I write?

Pauline RowsonI'm often asked if I have a writing routine, do I write every day?  Do I count the number of words I write?  Is there some kind of ritual that I follow? How do writers write?  Is there a formula or a magic method of writing for success?

Well there are writers who write the same time every day come what may; others who will write a certain number of words each day and when they've done their quota, they'll knock off. Others that can only write while drinking a cup of tea, or coffee, wine or whisky.  And me? Do I follow the routines of famous writers?  I don't know the answer to the latter because I've never studied them.  Finding your own routine and rhythm of writing is important.  What suits one person will not suit another and of course it depends on whether you also have a day job (or a night one come to that) or a family to care for. Time is the critical element but if you really want to write that novel, short story or non fiction book you need to make the time and have the commitment , passion and motivation to continue with it.

Read more about writing routines

Here's a talk I gave earlier at Sandhurst Library

As there are no talks planned for the foreseeable future, because of you know what, (Covid-19) I thought I would feature some of my recorded talks here on my website. This one was taken from a talk I gave at Sandhurst Library, Surrey in 2014 and my most watched video on my You Tube Channel.

There are plenty of my videos to watch and keep you amused on my You Tube Channel

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