What's on in July 2021

Pauline Rowson talking to Waterlooville U3AIn July the BIG news is that I am to give my first LIVE face-to-face talk on 27 July 2021 (fingers and everything crossed), and I hope I don't end up talking to myself!  My talk on crime writing and my crime novels will be to members of Portsmouth U3A so I will also be on DI Andy's home patch! It will be great to interact with people again on a group basis and I am sure that members of the U3A and all of us will be glad to resume some semblance of our lives pre-Covid. I hope this is the first of many future talks for me.

Anyone wishing to book me as a speaker can contact me via the contact form on my website or reply to me here.

Writing and research

Aside from my talk on 27 July, I will be continuing my research and writing of the first draft of Inspector Ryga 1950s set mystery number 4, set in Greatstone-on-Sea, Hythe and the stark, atmospheric coastline of Dungeness, when the scenery looked much the same as today but the way of life was very different. It certainly wasn't a tourist destination then and the wooden shacks and railway carriages were inhabited by people who in the main resided there permanently, mainly fishermen as opposed to holiday homes now. I'm currently writing the first draft.

DI Andy Horton crime novel

I'm also looking forward to getting back to DI Andy Horton number sixteen, yes I have written it. I just need to do final revisions and although I am itching to get back to Andy  I am urging myself to be patient as I have set myself the goal of doing this by the end of August when I will have finished the first draft of Inspector Ryga number four.


I've uploaded some new videos on my You Tube Channel and my website. Here are links to some of them from the audio book version of DEATH IN THE COVE and DEATH IN THE HARBOUR.

DEATH IN THE NETS, Inspector Ryga 3 now available to pre-order

Death in the Nets, an Inspector Ryga mystery by Pauline Rowson It will be published on 4 October 2021.
Former war photographer, Eva Paisley, insists that Scotland Yard detective, Inspector Ryga, return with her to the Devon coast where she has been staying with a friend, a former refugee from Belgium.  Eva remains tight-lipped about the reason, saying only that she’s puzzled and concerned over something she has heard since arriving there a week ago.  Ryga, off duty for the weekend, is only too pleased to escape London for the sea air and spend time in Eva’s company. She takes him to a house in the fishing port of Brixham where the son of her friend is adamant that he’s seen a body on the shore ‘all bashed up’.  Eva claims the little boy has been talking of nothing more for a week. The boy’s mother dismisses it as an over-active imagination but Eva’s not convinced. Now the child is adamant the body he saw was on the very night of their arrival. Ryga asks the child to take them to the location, not expecting to see anything, but is stunned to find the child has been telling the truth; on the dark shore, on the wet January night is indeed the body of a man, stabbed through the heart and tangled up in fishing nets.  After making some preliminary enquiries, Ryga, who has no jurisdiction to investigate, has to hand the case over to the local police. Very soon though, after a series of startling revelations, he is summoned back to Devon to discover why the dead man who left the town eleven years ago has returned and why someone hated him enough to murder him

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I've also launch a new Podcast Channel

I've launched a podcast channel which combines episodes on writing crime fiction, the background to my crime novels, characters and plots, and extracts from my crime, mystery thrillers. The first episode is on writing first drafts and revisions, the second on researching the crime novel and the third on ideas and inspiration.  I will be posting links to them on my website and will include episode links in my monthly newsletter but you can also subscribe to them, if you wish, on Podomatic  Spotify and Google Podcasts

And here's an article on one of my other crime fictional heroes

What makes Art Marvik tick?

Art Marvik Mystery Thrillers by Pauline RowsonI like heroes and as I’m a sucker for adventure stories and mystery there was no doubt that this was what my mystery thriller SILENT RUNNING the first in the Art Marvik series of four had to be. I wanted a character who was not bound by the official rules of the law, like DI Andy Horton, but who was nevertheless on the right side of it.  The series also had to have all the hallmarks of my brand – a troubled hero, the sea, boats, interesting and diverse characters and lots of action. 

So what's Art Marvik's back story?

Every character has to have a back story. Marvik was sent to an elite and expensive boarding school at the age of eleven,very much against his will. He grew up feeling his parents - his mother a marine archaeologist and his father an oceanographer- loved their work more than they loved their son. After their sudden and tragic death in a diving accident off the Straits of Malacca, when Marvik was seventeen, he joins the marines and puts his parents, their life and their wealth behind him. Langton, the psychiatrist, who treated Marvik after a head injury sustained in combat, said he was running away from his emotions, maybe he was, but one day he would need to face up to them and that day is sooner than Marvik thinks.

His three undercover investigations for the UK Police National Intelligence Marine Squad - SILENT RUNNING (1), DANGEROUS CARGO (2) and LOST VOYAGE (3) begin to reveal there was more to his parents' deaths than a diving accident.  In DEAD SEA (4) Marvik discovers the truth.

Dead Sea, an Art Marvik Mystery Thriller by Pauline Rowson

When Marvik visits his safe deposit box in his London bank and discovers that a three-and-a-half inch floppy disk he had placed there a few weeks previously (DANGEROUS CARGO) has been stolen he is surprised and deeply troubled. What’s more it has been taken only the day before his arrival by a man Marvik has never heard of. 

Puzzled and disturbed, Marvik is left cursing his reluctance to ask his former Royal Marine colleague, intelligence and cyber expert, Shaun Strathen, to open the disk and reveal its contents when he first discovered it in the possession of murdered marine archaeologist, Sarah Redburn. Now its theft indicates that Sarah was killed because of its highly toxic contents.

Convinced it holds the key to the truth behind the deaths of his parents, Marvik, with Strathen’s aid, sets out to track down the thief.  As they follow a trail of abduction and murder it soon becomes clear that the computer disk holds the key to a secret that a ruthless killer is determined must never be revealed.

All the Marvik mystery thrillers are available in paperback, as ebooks and on Amazon Kindle.  The first two are also available as unabridged audio books narrated by Peter Noble.

What makes a crime writer?

Crime author Pauline Rowson with A KILLING COASTIt’s often said that you should write what you know, but I don't agree. I’ve never committed a murder, or been a police officer, and neither am I married to one. I’ve had no previous experience or knowledge of the law, except what I’ve read in crime novels, and I’ve never been to an autopsy, yet after many trials and tribulations I finally got the job as a crime writer. It’s my belief you should write what you are enthusiastic about, but you also need some additional qualities. 

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Questions, Suggestions, Reviews and Feedback

Pauline Rowson invites any questionsIt's always great to hear from readers, so do let me know if you have a suggestion for an article you'd like me to pen, or a question you'd like to ask about my books, my characters, plots, research or writing.

If you can spare time to leave a review on the relevant websites about any of my books I'd be very grateful as they all help to introduce my novels to new readers.

Thank you.

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