In May's newsletter a chilly start, writing and revisions, Russian cruise chips, salvage tugs and Arctic ice, characters names tips and pitfalls, ten killer tips for writing crime fiction AND the forthcoming Inspector Ryga mystery (3).

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What's on in May 2021 - writing, walking, flying and sailing!

Pauline Rowosn on a chilly Appley Beach, Ryde Isle of WightWriting is the order of the month for May - when isn't it? I hear you say. Well, OK, rarely. This May 2021, with lock down restrictions easing where I live in England, I am hoping to get out and about further afield more and draw inspiration from my coastal walks, from the bays, boatyards and harbours where I am always on the look out for a good place to put a body (fictional, of course). It was a very chilly start on Monday 26 April when I took the Hovercraft (that's the flying) across to the fabulous Isle of Wight, the first time since the second lock down eased and very glad I was to be back there too. I'll be returning a few more times in May.

Unveiling the new Inspector Ryga Mystery (3) DEATH IN THE NETS - 4 October 2021

Death in the Nets, an Inspector Ryga mystery by Pauline RowsonI'm delighted to announce that the latest in the 1950s set Inspector Ryga mystery, number three in the series, DEATH IN THE NETS will be published in paperback, as an ebook and on Amazon Kindle on 4 October 2021.

In DEATH IN THE NETS Scotland Yard's Inspector Ryga has a baffling new coastal crime to solve. This time his investigation takes him to the small fishing port of Brixham in Devon, England. 

What have Russian cruise ships, salvage tugs, and Arctic ice got in common?

Lost Voyage an Art Marvik mystery thriller by Pauline RowsonThe answer is mystery thriller LOST VOYAGE number three in the Art Marvik series of currently four.  Former Royal Marine Commando, Special Boat Services Officer, Marvik is now an undercover investigator for the UK's Police National Intelligence Marine Squad. Like the others in the Marvik mystery thriller series, SILENT RUNNING (1) DANGEROUS CARGO (2) and DEAD SEA (4) it is set against the backdrop of the sea.

In LOST VOYAGE Marvik's mission takes him along the south coast of England to the Severn Sisters cliffs, Beachy Head and the coastal towns of Newhaven and Eastbourne.

Find out how Russian cruise ships, salvage tugs and Arctic ice are connected

How to choose characters names in fiction - tips and pitfalls

What's in a name? An awful lot as far as an author is concerned. Getting the right name for the characters in my crime novels can be a tricky business. Sometimes they can come to me completely out of the blue, other times I will struggle to find the name that best suits that particular character and until I do the personality refuses to come alive. The name also needs to fit with the age and nationality of that character although you can have exceptions.

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Corpse in the water- Fascinating Forensic Facts

A Killing Coast by Pauline RowsonAll my crime novels are set around the sea so it is inevitable that I will have bodies in the water, by the water, and washed up beside the water! In A KILLING COAST I wanted a body to be found floating but not one that had been immersed in the sea for some time and therefore unrecognisable.  The solution?  Well I'll leave you to read that particular Inspector Andy Horton novel, if you haven't already done so.  Here are some fascinating facts from my research - not for the fainthearted!

Bodies in the water

Ten killer tips for writing crime fiction

Work in progress DI Andy Horton crime novelsIn 2012 the Guardian newspaper ran an article asking writers for their ten rules for writing. I penned my top ten tips for writing deadly crime fiction and now looking back on them they still hold true with one or two little tweaks and additions.

After writing twenty-three crime, mystery novels and thrillers to date it never hurts to remind myself of some of these little writing tips.

Top writing tips for writing crime fiction

Questions, Suggestions, Reviews and Feedback

Pauline Rowson invites any questionsFrom time to time I get lovely emails from readers and from my newsletter subscribers and I am very grateful for them.  It is always great to hear from readers, so do keep them coming. There are lots of articles and information about my books and characters on my website but if you have a suggestion for an article you'd like me to pen, or a question you'd like to ask about my books, my characters, plots, research or  writing then do let me know.

If you can spare time to leave a review on the relevant websites about any of my books I'd be very grateful as they all help to introduce my novels to new readers.

Thank you.

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