November's newsletter looks at the story behind Pauline Rowson's new detective, Inspector Ryga in the 1950 set mystery DEATH IN THE COVE, his background and where the name came from; location research for DI Andy Horton, DEAD PASSAGE, details of Pauline's forthcoming talks and a link to a short video on "how I write, a work in progress".

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Death in the Cove an Inspector Alun Ryga mystery by Pauline Rowson
DEATH IN THE COVE is set in 1950 England, a country still reeling from the aftermath of war with austerity and rationing biting hard. Newly promoted to detective inspector, Ryga from Scotland Yard, is on his first solo investigation outside of London, to solve the mystery of why a man in a pin-striped suit is found murdered in an isolated cove on the Island of Portland in Dorset.

Read about Inspector Alun Ryga and his background

Sundays in Inspector Ryga's world in DEATH IN THE COVE

Today Sunday is a day of leisure and fun unless you happen to be working in the retail, hospitality, food and catering industries or the emergency and health services. Generally though you can eat, drink and be merrily entertained and you can shop until you drop (or until the shops close unless you are shopping on line then you can carry on regardless). But in 1950 in Inspector Alun Ryga's world Sundays were very different.

Read about Sundays in Inspector Ryga's 1950 world

And where did the name come from?

He started off as Inspector Rees as he has a welsh background but had left Wales when he was 15 to join the merchant navy like his father. Ryga is actually Latvia’s capital on the Baltic Sea but that had no influence on me choosing the name. It wasn’t until I had got well into Eva Paisley’s character – she is the war photographer who discovers the body on the secluded bay on Portland Island and who Ryga teams up with to solve the crime – that from her lips ‘Rees’ didn’t sound right. She is forthright and confident and rarely calls him by his first name. I tried Regan but that kept making me think of the TV programme The Sweeney with Regan in it (John Thaw) and my character was the opposite to his so I played around with it, dropped the ‘n’ got Rega then changed the ‘e’ to ‘y’ and got Ryga (sounds like ‘Tiger’) and that sounded good coming from Eva - sharp, edgy. I liked it and it stuck.

No Man's Fort in the Solent on research for DI Andy Horton DEAD PASSAGE

No Man's Fort, Solent - a great place to feature in a DI Andy Horton novelThe Solent Forts have been featured in my DI Andy Horton crime novels, in particular A KILLING COAST where a body is found floating just off Spitbank Fort and although a familiar landmark I had never been on one of the two that have been converted into luxury hotels namely Spitbank Fort and No Man's Fort. On the 4 November in 2015 I got the chance to change that when Amazing Venues, who own the two Forts, agreed to help me with my research.

It was indeed a case of the boat waiting for no man as it took me out on the Solent on a very wet and windy day to the Victorian No Man's Fort in the aid of research for DI Andy Horton number 14, DEAD PASSAGE, which was published in paperback as an e book and on Amazon Kindle and Kobo in 2018.

Read more and see the photographs

How I write - a work in progress

Ever wondered how I write my crime novels? Well here is a short video I made on 3 November 2019 on the work in progress of Inspector Ryga 1950 set mystery number 2.

Entertaining readers at Lockswood Library and at St Anne's Fellowship

Lockswood Library Pauline Rowson talking about her crime novelsCrime author Pauline Rowson thrilled the audience at Lockswood Library, Locksheath, Southampton on Monday 28 October and members of St Annes Fellowship on 14 October with tales of murder and mystery and talked about the creation of her fictional sleuths -  DI Andy Horton who appears in fourteen crime novels; Scotland Yard detective, Inspector Alun Ryga in her new 1950 set mystery and undercover investigator, Art Marvik who is featured in three mystery thrillers.

St Annes Fellowship Pauline Rowson talking about her crime novelsPauline talked about how she researches, plots and creates her crime novel including the inspiration behind her latest, the first in a new 1950 set mystery series, DEATH IN THE COVE, introducing Scotland Yard detective, Inspector Alun Ryga published in paperback, e book, Kindle, Kobo and audio book.

Pauline's talks for autumn

6 November 2019 Woodlands (New Forest) WI

19 November 2019 Bournemouth Probus


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