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Pauline Rowson Mystery Crime Novels

The DI Andy Horton crime novels

Dead Passage   Lethal Waves  Fatal Catch  Shroud of Evil 

Death Surge  Undercurrent  Death Lies Beneath  A Killing Coast 

Footsteps on the Shore  Blood on the Sand  Dead Man's Wharf  The Suffocating Sea

Deadly Waters  Tide of Death

The Art Marvik mystery thrillers

  Silent Running  Dangerous Cargo  Lost Voyage

The Inspector Alun Ryga 1950 set mysteries

Death in the Cove an Inspector Ryga mystery

Standalone mystery thrillers

  In Cold Daylight  In For The Kill

Where to buy Pauline Rowson's books

Pauline Rowson's books are available in a number of formats including, hardcover, paperback, large print, audio book and ebook format from all major retailers, independent bookshops and on line.

Also available on Amazon Kindle and on Kobo and can be borrowed from libraries within the UK, USA and Commonwealth.

Buy Pauline Rowson's books USA

Buy Pauline Rowson's books UK

Buy from your local bookshop

Also available as an unabridged audio book

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