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Murder at Hillingbrook Halt - Play

Translation, film, television, audio drama rights

Murder at Hillingbrook Halt is an exciting 1940s set murder mystery in the vein of the classic crime thrillers of the 20th century, which will have audiences guessing who done it and why?

Eight people are marooned in the chilly waiting room of a fogbound isolated railway station where a coal fire is slowly dying and a cold cup of tea has been abandoned by the missing station master. Is it just chance that has thrown them together? Or is there an underlying sinister reason?  When the station master staggers into the waiting room and falls dead at their feet it's clear a killer is at large. Each one of them had the opportunity to commit the murder.  Each has a secret to withhold. One of them is a killer.  Which one of them is it?

The play opens on the platform and takes place in the waiting room of Hillingbrook Halt in December 1948

Cast: 5 males 3 females
Category: Murder Mystery/Detective
Set in 1948 England

Duration: Approximately 100 minutes
Acts: 3, Scenes: Act 1, Act 2, Scene 1, Act 3, Scene 1, Scene 2
Sets: 1


FELICITY DUNWOOD: Passenger who alights from the train
FRANK JANSON: Passenger who alights from the train
MAVIS SPENDLOVE: Felicity Dunwood’s friend who arrives by car
CLIVE WATKINS: Hiker and husband of Minnie Watkins who arrives on foot
MINNIE WATKINS: Hiker and wife of Clive Watkins who arrives on foot
GUY PENNYTON: Man in the car with a puncture
KEN ABBOTT: Railway enthusiast
HAROLD LEWES: Railway employee

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