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Murder Mystery Plays in the style of Agatha Christie

Exciting 1940s murder mystery plays written by internationally acclaimed crime author, Pauline Rowson, author of the DI Andy Horton mysteries, Art Marvik thrillers and 1950s set mysteries featuring Scotland Yard detective, Inspector Alun Ryga.

Full of twists and turns, plays written in the style of Agatha Christie detective dramas that will have audiences guessing ‘who done it.’

Murder at the Pelican Club - by Pauline Rowson

Set in 1940s war torn England. Tillie Trotman, a singer and forces sweetheart, is about to commence her final show at the Pelican Club before travelling overseas to entertain the troops. Someone, though is intent on stopping her.

Murder at Hillingbrook Halt -by Pauline Rowson

Eight people are marooned in the chilly waiting room of a fogbound isolated railway station where a coal fire is slowly dying and a cold cup of tea has been abandoned by the missing station master. Is it just chance that has thrown them together? Or is there an underlying sinister reason?  When the station master staggers into the waiting room and falls dead at their feet it's clear a killer is at large. Each one of them had the opportunity to commit the murder.  Each has a secret to withhold. One of them is a killer.  Which one of them is it?


Please contact us to read Act I of Murder at the Pelican Club and Murder at Hillingbrook Halt. 

Or commission an original script from crime writer and author, Pauline Rowson.

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