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A gripping thriller that will have the audience on the edge of their seats

Translation, film, television, audio, drama rights

A contemporary, thought-provoking, highly topical and action packed thriller with a reluctant hero and a strong female sidekick,exposing an environmental and political scandal that goes to the heart of government. 

 In Cold Daylight - one man's quest to discover the truth behind the deaths of fire fighters

  • A reluctant hero forced to face his own dark secrets while on a quest to discover the truth behind fire fighters deaths of cancer 
  • A compelling contemporary story line that goes to the heart of a political cover up
  • Adam Greene, our reluctant hero, is caught in a mysterious and dangerous web of deceit.
  • Exposing a secret that has lain dormant for years

Before fire-fighter Jack Bartholomew can reveal the cause of his own and his colleagues’ cancer he is murdered and silenced forever. But in a cryptic message orchestrated before his untimely death, he has left a trail of clues that will lead his friend, Marine Artist, Adam Greene, into a labyrinth of lies, secrets and government conspiracy.

By the author of the DI Andy Horton crime novels and the Art Marvik mystery thrillers.

Contact us to discuss, film, television and translation rights.

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