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Meet Art Marvik

He’s earned the scars on his face as a commando in the Marines, now he’s working undercover for the UK Police National Intelligence Marine Squad.

Meet Art Marvik

Art Marvik is a captivating character in Pauline Rowson's thrilling crime novels. As a former Royal Marine Commando who now works undercover for the UK Police National Intelligent Marine Unit, Marvik's sharp instincts and unwavering determination make him a formidable investigator. His complex background adds depth to his character, making him an intriguing protagonist.

With his military training and keen powers of observation, Marvik skillfully navigates through intricate plots and uncovers hidden secrets.

Marvik's missions are to go into an investigation undercover, with minimum information, to ask questions, to stir up trouble, to put himself on the line and to get to the truth and ensure the villains are caught. 

He’s put himself in danger many times in the Marines.  He sees no problem in doing this for the National Intelligence Marine Squad. He can operate outside the law and does because the job demands it. He’s not always right though. He makes mistakes. He misjudges people. Sometimes the consequences are shocking and disturbing.


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The Setting

Marvik knows the sea intimately having spent much of his life on and under it. His missions for the National Intelligence Marine Squad (NIMS) take him on his motor cruiser, on foot, train and sometimes in his old Land Rover Defender from the beautiful Isle of Wight, across the Solent and along the south coast to the rolling downs of the stunning Dorset coast, and to the Severn Sisters chalk cliffs, Beachy Head, Brighton and Eastbourne.

 Join Art Marvik in these four fast-paced, action-packed mysteries

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About Pauline

Pauline Rowson lives on the South Coast of England and is the best selling author of many crime novels, published by Joffe Books. Her popular crime novels include the DI Andy Horton Solent Murder Mystery series, the Art Marvik mystery thrillers and the 1950s set Inspector Ryga mysteries. Subscribe to her newsletter for all the latest books news.

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