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Death on Board (5)

May 1951.  Unseasonably cold and dank. Scotland Yard's Inspector Alun Ryga alights from the Paddington to Penzance night train to investigate the death of an eminent Harley Street skin specialist found on his yacht off the small harbour of Mousehole. 

Available to pre-order on Amazon now.  Publication Date 4 June 2024.

Death On Board

May 1951.

Inspector Alun Ryga surveys the wreckage of the break in at the elegant Harley Street drawing room, home of retired dermatologist Sir Bernard Crompton, who’s currently sailing his new yacht down the British coast from Scotland — or he was . . .

Sir Bernard is found dead on board his boat off the coast of Cornwall and Ryga is despatched to investigate the circumstances surrounding it, even though the Chief Constable doesn't want him there and the doctor has declared he died of natural causes.

But Sir Bernard had contacts in high places.  And there is that break in at his house.

Ryga is puzzled to learn that Crompton was wearing a dinner suit with five rocks in his pocket.

The case takes a deadly turn when another body is found in a nearby cove with a gunshot wound to the face. The victim is also wearing a dinner suit with rocks in his pocket.

Is there a past connection between the two men? Why does no one want  Ryga to find the killer?

As he doggedly continues, and more disturbing facts come to light, Ryga, haunted by his wartime memories begins to empathise with the community; he struggles to get a grip on the case. Will he fail to solve it?  Does it matter if he does?

All his ability, patience and impartiality are put to the test in DEATH ON BOARD. Will he come through it and find the killer?

Published 4 June 2024.  Available NOW to pre-order on Amazon.

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Pauline Rowson lives on the South Coast of England and is the best selling author of many crime novels, published by Joffe Books. Her popular crime novels include the DI Andy Horton Solent Murder Mystery series, the Art Marvik mystery thrillers and the 1950s set Inspector Ryga mysteries. Subscribe to her newsletter for all the latest books news.

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