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Lost Voyage (3)

A murdered man... a woman being framed for his killing... a desperate battle to stop a ruthless assassin

Lost Voyage

Art Marvik receives a panicked phone call from Helen Shannon, the woman he met on his first investigation for the UK Police special investigations squad.  She overheard two men plotting a murder and now fears she’s being followed.

He thinks Helen’s suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder after her sister’s murder. But he has a soft spot for her and he agrees to help.

He sets off on his motor yacht to meet her at Eastbourne Marina in East Sussex where she is working, and after listening to her tale is still uncertain if she actually overheard this conversation.  He soon changes his mind.

Helen’s boss’s body is discovered in her flat with his throat slashed.

Marvik is convinced that Helen is being framed for murder. But before he can prove her innocence, he’s detailed to investigate the disappearance of a salvage vessel, the Mary Jo, which went missing in the North Atlantic some years ago.

It rapidly becomes clear to Marvik that all those connected with the tragedy of the Mary Jo have something to hide.

Marvik’s got a lot on his plate. The stakes are high and the death toll is rising. Who will be next?

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"Great book which kept me totally intrigued till the very end."

"I have absolutely devoured the Marvik series they are fantastic. Lots of depth to the plots, fast moving making you wonder what direction it's heading next."

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About Pauline

Pauline Rowson lives on the South Coast of England and is the best selling author of many crime novels, published by Joffe Books. Her popular crime novels include the DI Andy Horton Solent Murder Mystery series, the Art Marvik mystery thrillers and the 1950s set Inspector Ryga mysteries. Subscribe to her newsletter for all the latest books news.

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