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The Luccombe Bay Murders (15)

A man is found dead inside a log cabin nestled in Luccombe Bay on the Isle of Wight. He has no ID on him and no one knows who he is. Except Detective Inspector Andy Horton . . .

The Luccombe Bay Murders

 The dead man’s fingerprints match those on a card DI Andy Horton Horton was handed months ago by a mysterious man.

Horton travels to the Isle of Wight to view the body. But he’s shocked to see it’s not the same man who handed him the card. How did this man’s prints get on the card? And who is he?

As Horton explores the area around the cabin, he causes a landslip and another corpse is revealed. Now he may have two murders on his hands.

As he follows the trail of the dead man, he uncovers some startling revelations into his own mother’s past and the truth behind her disappearance over thirty years ago.

(Please note this was previously pubished as A Deadly Wake).

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About Pauline

Pauline Rowson lives on the South Coast of England and is the best selling author of many crime novels, published by Joffe Books. Her popular crime novels include the DI Andy Horton Solent Murder Mystery series, the Art Marvik mystery thrillers and the 1950s set Inspector Ryga mysteries. Subscribe to her newsletter for all the latest books news.

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